profiles - macOS


profiles is a macOS command that configures and manages system profiles, providing functionality to create, delete, activate, and view profiles in system preferences. It offers a convenient way to switch between different sets of system settings, such as network settings, user accounts, and system preferences.


profiles [options] [command] [profile name]


  • -a | –all: List all available profiles.
  • -c | –create: Create a new profile.
  • -d | –delete: Delete a profile.
  • -l | –list: List all active profiles.
  • -v | –verbose: Enable verbose output for troubleshooting.
  • -h | –help: Display usage information.


Create a new profile:

profiles -c "My Profile"

Activate a profile:

profiles "My Profile"

Delete a profile:

profiles -d "My Profile"

List all available profiles:

profiles -a

Common Issues

  • Error: profile not found: Ensure the profile name is correct and exists on the system.
  • Error: profile is in use: Close any applications using the profile before deleting it.
  • Error: permission denied: Verify that you have sufficient privileges to manage profiles.


profiles can be integrated with other macOS commands and tools:

  • Script automation: Use the profiles command in scripts to automate profile management tasks.
  • System settings: Manage profiles through System Preferences by selecting “Profiles” in the “Users & Groups” section.