ntfs.util - macOS


ntfs.util is a command-line tool specifically engineered for macOS to manipulate and manage NTFS file systems. NTFS is commonly utilized on Windows-based systems but can also be found on external hard drives or USB devices. ntfs.util provides crucial features for repairing, checking, and mounting NTFS file systems, ensuring their accessibility and integrity.


ntfs.util [options] <command> <filesystem>


| Command | Description |
| check | Checks the consistency of the NTFS file system. |
| repair | Attempts to repair a damaged NTFS file system. |
| mount | Mounts the NTFS file system. |
| unmount | Unmounts the NTFS file system. |


| Option | Description | Default |
| -f | Force the specified action (e.g., repair) even if the file system is in use. | false |
| -v | Verbose mode, provides detailed output during operation. | false |


Check an NTFS file system:

ntfs.util check /Volumes/MyNTFSVolume

Repair a damaged NTFS file system (forcefully):

ntfs.util -f repair /Volumes/MyNTFSVolume

Mount an NTFS file system:

ntfs.util mount /dev/disk0s2

Unmount an NTFS file system:

ntfs.util unmount /Volumes/MyNTFSVolume

Common Issues

  • NTFS file system not accessible: Ensure the file system is properly mounted using ntfs.util mount. If the file system is damaged, use ntfs.util repair to attempt a repair.
  • Errors during repair: If repairs fail, the file system may be severely damaged and require recovery software.
  • Unmounting an in-use file system: Use the -f option to force unmount if the file system is in use, but this may result in data loss.


ntfs.util can be integrated with other macOS commands for advanced tasks:

  • Check the status of all mounted NTFS file systems: diskutil list -fstype NTFS
  • Repair all mounted NTFS file systems: findmnt -fstype NTFS | xargs -n1 ntfs.util -f repair
  • diskutil: General disk management utility.
  • mount: Mounts a file system.
  • unmount: Unmounts a file system.