New Variable - PowerShell


The New-Variable command creates and initializes a new variable in the current PowerShell scope. It allows the user to dynamically create variables and assign values to them during script execution.


New-Variable -Name <Variable Name> -Value <Variable Value> [-Option]...


  • -Name : Specifies the name of the variable to create. It must conform to PowerShell naming conventions (letters, digits, underscores, starting with a letter).
  • -Value : Assigns an initial value to the new variable. This can be any valid PowerShell expression or literal.
  • -Description : Adds a description to the variable for documentation purposes.
  • -Option: Sets additional options. Available options are:
    • -Force: Overwrites an existing variable without prompting for confirmation.
    • -PassThru: Returns the newly created variable object.


Simple Variable Creation:

New-Variable -Name MyName -Value "John Doe"

Complex Variable Creation with Description:

New-Variable -Name UserSettings -Value (Get-Content user.config) -Description "Current user settings"

Overwriting Existing Variable:

New-Variable -Name Counter -Value 10 -Force

Returning Variable Object:

$newVariable = New-Variable -Name MyObj -Value [PSCustomObject]@{Name="Item1"; Value="Value1"} -PassThru

Common Issues

  • Variable Name Conflicts: Avoid using duplicate variable names as it can overwrite existing values.
  • Invalid Variable Names: Ensure variable names meet PowerShell naming requirements (see -Name option).
  • Passing Uninitialized Variables: Avoid assigning $null values to variables as it may cause errors in later code.


New-Variable can be used in conjunction with other commands to dynamically create variables based on input or perform advanced operations:

# Create a hashtable variable from a file
$hashtable = New-Variable -Name FileContents -Value (Get-Content file.txt | ConvertTo-Hashtable)

# Create an array variable from a command output
$array = New-Variable -Name CommandResults -Value (Get-Process)
  • Get-Variable: Retrieves information about existing variables.
  • Set-Variable: Modifies the value of an existing variable.
  • Remove-Variable: Deletes an existing variable.