lpstat - macOS


lpstat is a macOS command-line utility that provides information about print jobs, printers, and the print queue. It offers a comprehensive interface for managing print-related tasks and monitoring the status of printing operations.


lpstat [options] [job-id | printer-name]


  • -a: Display all print jobs.
  • -d: Display printer descriptions.
  • -f: Filter jobs by user.
  • -j: Display a specific print job by ID.
  • -o: Display printer options.
  • -p: Display printers.
  • -P: Display printers by status.
  • -u: Display print jobs by user.


  • Display all print jobs:
lpstat -a
  • Display information about a printer:
lpstat -p printer-name
  • Filter print jobs by user:
lpstat -f username
  • Cancel a print job:
cancel [job-id]

Common Issues

  • Print job not found: Ensure the job ID is correct or use -a to display all jobs.
  • Permission denied: Check if the user has appropriate permissions to view or cancel the job.


lpstat can be integrated with:

  • lp: Submit print jobs.
  • lpadmin: Manage printers and queues.
  • Bash scripts: Automate print-related tasks.
  • lpr – Submit print jobs
  • lprm – Cancel print jobs