logname - macOS


The logname command in macOS is a simple yet useful tool that displays the current user’s login name. It typically finds its application in scripts that require access to the username for automation or user-specific operations.




logname does not support any specific options or flags.


  • Display username: To display the current user’s login name, simply run:

Common Issues

  • No output: If you do not receive any output from logname, it could indicate that the command is not installed or is not in your system’s path. Ensure proper installation and check your system’s configuration.


  • Shell scripting: logname‘s primary integration point is shell scripts. You can use it to personalize scripts, automate tasks, and make decisions based on the user’s login name. For example:
    if [ $(logname) = "admin" ]; then
      echo "Hello, Administrator!"
  • id: Displays detailed information about the current user, including login name.
  • whoami: Another command that displays the current user’s login name.
  • finger: Provides information about a specified user, including login name.