Import StartLayout - PowerShell


The Import-StartLayout cmdlet in PowerShell allows you to import a custom JSON file (.json) to customize the Start Layout for Windows 10 and 11. With this command, you can create and manage personalized start layouts, including pinned apps and tile arrangements, for a tailored user experience.


Import-StartLayout [-LayoutPath] <String> [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [-PassThru]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -LayoutPath | Specifies the path to the JSON file containing the custom start layout. | Required |
| -Confirm | Prompts for confirmation before performing the action. | False |
| -WhatIf | Shows what would happen if the cmdlet were run without making any changes. | False |
| -PassThru | Returns the updated start layout object. | False |


Example 1: Import a Custom Start Layout

Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath "C:\Users\John Doe\Desktop\MyStartLayout.json"

Example 2: Import a Layout with Confirmation

Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath "C:\Users\John Doe\Desktop\MyStartLayout.json" -Confirm:$True

Common Issues

  • Invalid JSON File: Ensure the provided JSON file is valid and conforms to the Start Layout file format.
  • Permission Denied: Make sure you have administrative privileges to import the layout.
  • Layout Not Applied: If the layout is not applied, try restarting Windows Explorer or logging out and back into your account.


You can combine Import-StartLayout with other PowerShell commands to automate tasks related to Start Layout management. For example:

Export-StartLayout -Path "C:\Users\John Doe\Desktop\ExportedLayout.json" | Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath "C:\Users\Jane Doe\Desktop\MyStartLayout.json"

This command exports the current start layout and imports it into another user’s profile.