gnutls_certificate_set_rawpk_key_file - Linux


gnutls_certificate_set_rawpk_key_file is a command that adds a raw public key and its corresponding private key from files to an X.509 certificate. It’s most commonly used in secure communication protocols like SSL/TLS to establish trust and encrypt data.


gnutls_certificate_set_rawpk_key_file <certificate_file> <public_key_file> <private_key_file>

Required arguments

  • certificate_file: The path to an existing X.509 certificate file in PEM format.
  • public_key_file: The path to a file containing the corresponding raw public key in PEM format.
  • private_key_file: The path to a file containing the corresponding raw private key in PEM format.


This command has no additional options or flags.


Setting a raw public key and private key to a certificate

gnutls_certificate_set_rawpk_key_file my_certificate.pem my_public_key.pem my_private_key.pem

Common Issues

Invalid or corrupted input files

Ensure that the specified certificate, public key, and private key files are in the correct PEM format and are not corrupted.

Incorrect or mismatched keys

Verify that the specified public key and private key correspond to the certificate and are not mismatched.


gnutls_certificate_set_rawpk_key_file can be integrated with other OpenSSL commands to create and manage X.509 certificates. For example, you can use it with openssl x509 to generate a new certificate and then add the raw public key and private key using this command.

Related Commands

  • openssl x509: Generates and manages X.509 certificates.
  • gnutls_certificate_new: Creates a new X.509 certificate.