gnutls_certificate_free_cas - Linux


The gnutls_certificate_free_cas command frees the specified set of trusted certificates from memory. These certificates are frequently utilized for authenticating peers in secure connections.


gnutls_certificate_free_cas(gnutls_certificate_credentials_t x509_cred,
                            const gnutls_datum_t *cas, size_t num_cas)


  • x509_cred: The gnutls_certificate_credentials_t object containing the trusted certificates.
  • cas: An array of gnutls_datum_t structures representing the trusted certificates to be freed.
  • num_cas: The number of trusted certificates to be freed.


// Free a single trusted certificate
gnutls_certificate_free_cas(cert_cred, &trusted_ca, 1);

// Free multiple trusted certificates
gnutls_datum_t trusted_ca1, trusted_ca2;
// ... Initialize trusted_ca1 and trusted_ca2 ...
gnutls_certificate_free_cas(cert_cred, &trusted_ca1, 1);
gnutls_certificate_free_cas(cert_cred, &trusted_ca2, 1);

Common Issues

  • Ensure the cas parameter contains valid gnutls_datum_t structures.
  • Verify that the num_cas parameter matches the number of trusted certificates in the array.


The gnutls_certificate_free_cas function is commonly used in conjunction with the GnuTLS library for establishing secure connections. It can be integrated into applications requiring X.509 certificate handling and authentication.

Related Commands

  • gnutls_certificate_set_cas(): Sets trusted certificates.
  • gnutls_certificate_get_cas(): Retrieves trusted certificates.
  • gnutls_certificate_verify_peers(): Verifies peer certificates based on trusted certificates.