gnutls_certificate_activation_time_peers - Linux


gnutls_certificate_activation_time_peers verifies and retrieves the activation time of a certificate. This command is primarily used to ensure that a certificate is valid and active within a specified time window. It is particularly useful when establishing secure connections or validating digital signatures.


gnutls_certificate_activation_time_peers [OPTIONS] [CERTIFICATE_FILE]


  • -h, --help: Displays the help message.
  • -v, --version: Prints the version of the command.
  • -p, --peer: Specifies the peer certificate to verify.
  • -t, --time: Sets the activation time to check in milliseconds since the Unix epoch. Defaults to the current time.
  • -s, --time-skew: Sets the allowed time skew in milliseconds. Defaults to 300.


Example 1: Verifying a Certificate’s Activation Time

gnutls_certificate_activation_time_peers mycert.pem

Example 2: Checking Activation Time Against a Specific Time

gnutls_certificate_activation_time_peers mycert.pem -t 1662484360000

Example 3: Verifying a Peer Certificate

gnutls_certificate_activation_time_peers -p peercert.pem mycert.pem

Common Issues

Issue: The certificate is not activated yet or has expired.
Solution: Check the certificate’s validity period or contact the certificate issuer.

Issue: The peer certificate is invalid or does not match the expected issuer.
Solution: Ensure that the peer certificate is from the correct issuer.


gnutls_certificate_activation_time_peers can be integrated into scripts or command chains to automate certificate verification tasks. For instance, it can be used to:

  • Verify certificates during TLS/SSL connections.
  • Validate digital signatures in email or document signing applications.
  • Create automated certificate monitoring systems.

Related Commands

  • openssl: Provides various cryptographic functions, including certificate verification.
  • gnutls_cli: Command-line interface for establishing secure connections using GNU TLS.
  • certtool: Utility for managing and inspecting certificates.