gnutls_base64_encode2 - Linux


gnutls_base64_encode2 is a command-line utility for encoding arbitrary binary data into Base64 format. Base64 encoding converts binary data into a string of ASCII characters, making it suitable for transmission over channels that can only handle text.


gnutls_base64_encode2 [options]


  • -i, –input [FILE]
    Specify the input file containing the binary data to be encoded.
  • -o, –output [FILE]
    Specify the output file where the encoded data should be saved.
  • -d, –decode
    Decode the input data from Base64 format to binary.
  • -l, –line-length [NUM]
    Set the maximum length of output lines.
  • -h, –help
    Print help and usage information.


Encode a file:

gnutls_base64_encode2 -i image.png -o encoded.txt

Decode a file:

gnutls_base64_encode2 -d -i encoded.txt -o decoded.png

Common Issues

  • Encoding errors:
    Verify that the input file contains valid binary data.
  • Decoding errors:
    Ensure that the input file contains properly encoded Base64 data.


gnutls_base64_encode2 can be used as part of scripts or command chains for tasks such as:

  • Secure data transmission: Encode emails or other sensitive data for secure transfer over text channels.
  • Configuration files: Encode binary configuration data into text form for easy storage in configuration files.

Related Commands

  • base64: General-purpose Base64 encoding and decoding utility.
  • od: Display a file in various formats, including Base64.