gnutls_alert_get_strname - Linux


gnutls_alert_get_strname retrieves the string representation of a TLS/SSL alert.


int gnutls_alert_get_strname(unsigned int alert, char *buf, size_t buflen);


| Option | Description | Default Value |
| alert | The alert number. | N/A |
| buf | A buffer to store the string representation. | N/A |
| buflen | The size of the buffer. | N/A |


#include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

int main() {
    char buf[256];
    gnutls_alert_get_strname(GNUTLS_A_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE, buf, sizeof(buf));
    printf("Alert: %s\n", buf);
    return 0;

Common Issues

If the buffer is too small to hold the string representation, the function will return GNUTLS_E_SHORT_MEMORY_BUFFER.


gnutls_alert_get_strname can be used with other GnuTLS functions to handle TLS/SSL alerts. For example, it can be used to log the reason for an alert being sent or received.

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