gnutls_alert_get - Linux


The gnutls_alert_get function retrieves the current alert from the session. An alert is a simple message indicating the reason for closing a session.



| Argument | Description |
| session | A pointer to the session to query. |


There are no options or flags available for this function.


/* Get the current alert from a session */
gnutls_alert_t alert = gnutls_alert_get(session);
printf("Current alert: %s\n", gnutls_alert_get_name(alert));

Common Issues

If the session is not established, gnutls_alert_get will return GNUTLS_A_NO_ALERT.


The gnutls_alert_get function can be used in conjunction with other GnuTLS functions to handle alerts in a TLS/SSL session. For example, it can be used to determine the reason for a session closure or to send an alert to the peer.

Related Commands

  • gnutls_alert_send – Send an alert to the peer.
  • gnutls_alert_get_name – Get the name of an alert.