gnu_dev_makedev - Linux


gnu_dev_makedev is a file creation utility that generates new device file nodes with specific major and minor device numbers. It is primarily used in system administration and development environments for creating character and block device nodes for custom hardware or virtual devices.


gnu_dev_makedev [options] <major> <minor> <path>


  • -a, –absolute-paths: Convert relative path arguments to absolute paths.
  • -b, –block: Create a block device node instead of a character device node.
  • -c, –character: Create a character device node (default).
  • -d, –dir-mode=: Set the file mode of the parent directory.
  • -m, –mode=: Set the file mode of the device node.
  • -o, –owner=: Set the owner of the device node.
  • -g, –group=: Set the group of the device node.


Create a character device node with major number 15 and minor number 1 named "my_device":

gnu_dev_makedev /dev/my_device 15 1

Create a block device node with major number 8 and minor number 0 named "/dev/my_disk":

gnu_dev_makedev -b /dev/my_disk 8 0

Set the user and group permissions to "user" and "users", respectively, for the device node "/dev/my_dev":

gnu_dev_makedev -o user -g users /dev/my_dev

Common Issues

  • Make sure that the specified device numbers are valid and do not conflict with existing devices.
  • Verify that the path to the device node is correct and accessible.
  • If you encounter permission errors, ensure that you have sufficient privileges to create or modify the device node.


gnu_dev_makedev can be used in conjunction with other commands to create and manage device files. For example:

  • Create a device file for a custom USB device using the "insmod" command:
insmod my_usb_driver.ko
gnu_dev_makedev /dev/my_usb_dev 150 0
  • Mount a block device file using the "mount" command:
gnu_dev_makedev /dev/my_block_dev 8 1
mount /dev/my_block_dev /mnt/my_data

Related Commands

  • mknod: Create device nodes of any type.
  • dev: Display available device numbers.
  • lsblk: List block devices.
  • lsusb: List USB devices.