gitprotocol-capabilities - Linux


gitprotocol-capabilities is a command-line tool used to determine the capabilities of a remote Git repository. It allows users to check the supported protocols, fetch methods, and compression algorithms for a given Git server. This information is crucial for optimizing communication between local and remote Git repositories.


gitprotocol-capabilities [--no-verbose] [--stats] [--strict] [--version] <remote-url>


  • --no-verbose: Suppresses verbose output, showing only the capabilities.
  • --stats: Displays statistics about the capabilities, including the number of supported protocols and compression algorithms.
  • --strict: Enforces strict checking of server capabilities, allowing only supported features to be used.
  • --version: Prints the version of gitprotocol-capabilities.


Check the capabilities of a remote repository:


Display verbose output with statistics:

gitprotocol-capabilities --verbose --stats

Enforce strict checking of server capabilities:

gitprotocol-capabilities --strict

Common Issues

  • If the remote repository is unavailable or has limited connectivity, the command may fail with an error message. Ensure that the repository URL is correct and the remote server is accessible.
  • If unsupported features are being used, the command may report an error in strict mode. Consider reverting to compatible protocols or compression algorithms.


gitprotocol-capabilities can be used in conjunction with other Git commands to optimize repository interactions. For instance, the results can be piped into awk to filter specific capabilities or integrated into scripts to automate capability checks.

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