gitglossary - Linux


gitglossary is a command-line tool that provides a searchable glossary of terms commonly used in the Git version control system. It can be used to quickly look up explanations of Git concepts, commands, and workflows.


gitglossary [TERM] [FLAGS]


  • -a, –all: Show all glossary entries.
  • -h, –help: Show this help message.
  • -o, –output: Specify the output format (text, html, json). Default: text.
  • -s, –search: Perform a search for the specified term.


Look up a specific term

gitglossary commit

Search for a term

gitglossary --search rebase

Display all glossary entries as JSON

gitglossary --all --output=json

Common Issues

  • No output displayed: Ensure that the gitglossary command is installed and in your system’s path.
  • Incorrect usage: Double-check the syntax and ensure that all arguments and flags are correctly specified.
  • Term not found: Verify that the term you are searching for is spelled correctly.


gitglossary can be integrated into scripts or command chains using its output options. For example, to automatically generate a glossary entry for a specific term and display it in a browser:

gitglossary --output=html myterm | xdg-open

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