gitformat-index - Linux


gitformat-index scans the current index, generates an ASCII style listing of it, and prints it on the standard output.


git format-index [<options>] [<rev-list>]


  • -p: Pad object names to a uniform display length.
  • –pretty[=]: The formatting for displaying each commit. See git help diff-format for more details on the formatting options.


Display a formatted index:

git format-index

Display a formatted index with padding:

git format-index -p

Display a formatted index using a custom format:

git format-index --pretty="%h %s"

Common Issues

If gitformat-index fails, check the following:

  • Ensure you are using the correct syntax and options.
  • Verify that the index is not corrupted.


gitformat-index can be used as a part of scripts or command chains for advanced tasks, such as generating formatted output for further processing or analysis.

Related Commands

  • git-diff: Compares changes between commits, branches, or working tree and index.
  • git-diff-index: Compares changes between a tree and index.
  • git-ls-files: Lists the files in the index or working tree.