gitformat-bundle - Linux


gitformat-bundle is a command used to generate a bundle file, which can be used to transfer history across repositories. This is useful for migrating repositories or sharing changes with others.


git format-bundle [options] [<paths>]


  • -v, –verbose: Display progress information during bundle creation.
  • -d, –date-format=: Specify the date format to use in the bundle.
  • -u, –update-shallow: Update shallow clones by including missing history.
  • –commit-graft: Graft commits in the bundle to optimize bundle size.
  • –parent-tracking: Include parent tracking information to handle renames and copies.
  • –packfile=: Bundle packfile into the specified file.
  • -o, –output=: Save the bundle to the specified output file.


Create a bundle:

git format-bundle

Create a bundle with progress information:

git format-bundle -v

Bundle a specific branch:

git format-bundle origin/main

Bundle a range of commits:

git format-bundle SHA1..SHA2

Common Issues

  • Bundle is too large: Optimize using --commit-graft or reduce the history range.
  • Unable to open specified output file: Ensure the file path is correct and accessible.
  • Missing parent tracking: Enable --parent-tracking to handle renames and copies.


Transfer bundles between repositories:

git send-bundle <recipient> <bundle-file>

Unbundle and apply history:

git fetch <repository> <bundle-file>

Related Commands

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  • git pull: Fetch and merge changes from the remote branch.
  • git clone: Create a local working directory from a remote repository.