gitfaq - Linux


gitfaq is a command-line utility specifically designed to help users explore and access the official Git documentation. It provides a convenient way to search, browse, and directly navigate to relevant documentation pages within the official Git documentation site.


gitfaq [search term]


| Option/Flag | Description | Default Value |
| -h, --help | Display help information and exit. | – |
| -v, --version | Print version number and exit. | – |
| -o, --open | Open the documentation page in a web browser. | false |
| -l, --list | List all available documentation sections. | false |


  • Search for documentation on "branching":
gitfaq branching
  • Open the documentation page on "commits" in a web browser:
gitfaq -o commits
  • List all available documentation sections:
gitfaq -l

Common Issues

  • If the command is not found, ensure that it is installed and added to your system’s path.
  • If the search results are not relevant, try using more specific or alternative keywords.


gitfaq can be integrated with other commands like git help to provide quick access to specific documentation pages. For example:

git help -g commit | gitfaq

This opens the documentation page for "git-commit" in your default web browser.

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