gitcore-tutorial - Linux


gitcore-tutorial is a command-line tool that provides interactive tutorials for learning Git commands and concepts. It offers a structured and hands-on learning experience for both beginners and experienced Git users.


gitcore-tutorial [options] [<command>]


  • -h: Display help and usage information.
  • -v: Enable verbose output for debugging purposes.
  • <command>: Specify a specific Git command to focus on (e.g., git add, git commit). Leave blank to start from the beginning.


Learn Git Fundamentals:


Focus on a Specific Command:

gitcore-tutorial git add

Advanced Usage:

gitcore-tutorial -v | less

Common Issues

Error: Command not found.

Ensure that gitcore-tutorial is installed and in your system’s $PATH.


With Git:

Run gitcore-tutorial within a Git repository to practice commands in a real-world context.

With Other Commands:

Use gitcore-tutorial to learn Git commands that can be combined with other tools, such as:

  • git-log and git-diff for code review tasks.
  • git-filter-branch and git-rebase for history rewriting.

Related Commands

  • git-help: Built-in Git help system.
  • man git: UNIX manual page for Git.
  • Git documentation: Comprehensive Git documentation from the official website.