git-upload-archive - Linux


git-upload-archive prepares an archive of the specified tree or commit that can be distributed to others. It compresses the data, and creates a file named archive.tar.gz, in the current directory.


git upload-archive [<options>] <tree-ish>


  • -f,–format=: Format of the archive. Defaults to tar.
  • -C,–directory=: Directory from which to create archive.
  • -q,–quiet: Suppress warnings about missing HEAD.
  • -u,–upload-pack=: Path to custom upload-pack program.


Create an archive of the current HEAD tree:

git upload-archive HEAD

Create an archive of a specific commit:

git upload-archive 2139431

Create an archive of a specific directory:

git upload-archive -C docs HEAD

Create an archive in zip format:

git upload-archive -f zip HEAD

Common Issues

"Missing HEAD" warning: Occurs when using --quiet while outside a repository. Ensure you are in a Git repository before running the command.

Upload-pack not found: Some older systems may not have upload-pack in the default path. Specify the path to upload-pack using --upload-pack.


git-upload-archive can be used in conjunction with other Git commands for advanced tasks, such as:

git fetch origin master | git upload-archive --stdin

This fetches the latest master branch from a remote repository and immediately creates an archive from it.

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