git-update-server-info - Linux


git-update-server-info is a command-line utility for updating the server information of a local Git repository. It is primarily used to refresh the repository’s understanding of the remote server’s capabilities, such as supported protocols and authentication methods.


git update-server-info [--help] <remote-name>


  • --help: Displays the help message.


Updating Server Information for a Remote

git update-server-info origin

Verifying Server Information

To verify that the server information has been updated, run the following command:

git fetch --dry-run

Common Issues

Permission Errors

If you encounter permission errors, ensure that you have sufficient permissions to write to the repository’s .git directory. You may need to run the command as a privileged user or adjust the file permissions.

Outdated Remote Reference

If the remote reference is outdated, the command may fail. In such cases, update the reference using git fetch or git remote update before running the git-update-server-info command.


git-update-server-info can be used in conjunction with other commands to automate the process of updating server information, such as:

git fetch --all; git update-server-info --all

Related Commands

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  • git remote: Manages remote repositories.