git-stripspace - Linux


git-stripspace removes trailing whitespace from commit messages. This helps keep commit logs clean and consistent.


git stripspace [<options>] [<commit-range>]


  • -n, –dry-run: Dry run mode. Displays the commits that would be modified without making any changes.
  • -a, –all: Apply to all commits in history.
  • -i, –interactive: Interactively select which commits to modify.
  • -f, –force: Forcefully apply changes without prompting for confirmation.
  • –whitespace=: Specify the type of whitespace to remove. Valid options are: trailing, all. Default: trailing


  • Remove trailing whitespace from the latest commit:
git stripspace
  • Remove whitespace from all commits in the branch:
git stripspace -a
  • Interactively remove whitespace from specific commits:
git stripspace -i

Common Issues

  • Commit messages are not modified: Verify that the commit messages actually contain trailing whitespace.
  • Unexpected changes in commit message: Ensure that the whitespace removal does not alter the semantics of the commit message.
  • Access denied: Ensure you have write permissions to the repository.


  • Use alongside git-format-patch to ensure clean and consistent commit patches.
  • Integrate with automated commit hooks to enforce whitespace removal on every commit.

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