git-rerere - Linux


git-rerere (Reuse Recording** Edit** Recorder) automates resolving merge conflicts by recording and reusing user-provided resolutions. Its primary purpose is to simplify and expedite the merge conflict resolution process, especially in large or frequently merged codebases.


git rerere [--strategy STRATEGY] [--committer-date-is-author-date] [--signoff] [--autostash]


  • –strategy STRATEGY: Specifies the merge conflict resolution strategy to use. Default is "ours".
  • –committer-date-is-author-date: Sets the committer date to the same as the author date.
  • –signoff: Signs off the resolved commit.
  • –autostash: Automatically stashes changes before resolving conflicts and pops the stash after the resolution.


Simple Conflict Resolution

git merge origin/main
git rerere

Committing Resolved Changes

git merge origin/main
git rerere resolve all
git commit # Commits the resolved changes

Automatically Signing Off

git merge origin/main
git rerere --signoff resolve all
git commit # Commits the signed-off resolved changes

Common Issues

  • Conflict resolution not applied: Ensure git-rerere is configured with the desired resolution strategy.
  • Stash conflict: Resolve conflicts before unstashing changes.
  • Merge not clean: Commit changes after git-rerere has resolved all conflicts.


git-rerere can be used with the following commands:

  • git-merge: Resolve merge conflicts using git-rerere.
  • git-pull: Automatically resolve conflicts when pulling changes.

Related Commands

  • git-merge: Merges branches.
  • git-stash: Stashes changes.
  • git-commit: Commits changes.