git-request-pull - Linux


git-request-pull facilitates the creation of pull requests on remote Git repositories, simplifying collaborative development workflows.


git request-pull [<options>] [--] [<base>[:<head>] [<repository>]]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -h, --help | Display this help message. | N/A |
| -m, --message | Custom message for the pull request. | Uses default commit message. |
| -r, --repository | Repository to submit the pull request. | Inferred from .git/config. |


Create a pull request against the current branch:

git request-pull

Create a pull request against a specific branch:

git request-pull main

Create a pull request for a custom range of commits:

git request-pull feature/new-feature:main

Create a pull request against a remote repository:

git request-pull --repository

Common Issues

Error: Repository not found: Ensure that the specified repository exists and that you have access to it.

Error: Unable to fetch remote: Make sure there is a stable connection to the remote repository and that the URL is correct.


git-request-pull can be integrated with other Git commands, such as git merge and git push, to streamline pull request workflows.

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