git-repack - Linux


git-repack is a Git command used to compress a Git repository and optimize its performance. It reorganizes the objects stored in a repository, removing unnecessary objects and repacking the remaining objects more efficiently. This can significantly reduce the size of the repository and speed up Git operations, especially on large repositories.


git repack [--[no-]unreachable] [--[no-]pack-objects] [--[no-]local] [--[no-]write-bitmaps] [--[no-]block-report] [--[no-]window-memory=<bytes>] [--[no-]depth=<depth>] [--temp-pack=<file>] [--pack-objects=<file>] [--] <packfile>...


  • –[no-]unreachable: Prune unreachable objects before packing. Unreachable objects are objects that are not referenced by any commit, branch, or tag. Default: true
  • –[no-]pack-objects: Pack objects into a single packfile. If specified, is ignored. Default: false
  • –[no-]local: Pack only local objects. Default: false
  • –[no-]write-bitmaps: Write bitmaps for object storage. Default: true
  • –[no-]block-report: Disable block progress reporting. Default: false
  • –[no-]window-memory=: Set the memory limit for the window. Default: 256 MiB
  • –[no-]depth=: Limit the depth of the traversal. Default: 25
  • –temp-pack=: Use as a temporary pack for repacking. Default: .git/objects/pack/tmp-pack-XXXXXX
  • –pack-objects=: Pack objects into .


Repack a repository:

git repack

Repack a repository and prune unreachable objects:

git repack --unreachable

Pack objects into a custom packfile:

git repack --pack-objects=my-packfile.pack

Pack only local objects:

git repack --local

Common Issues

Repository size does not decrease after repacking: This can occur if there are too many unreachable objects in the repository. Use git gc --prune=now to remove them.

Packfile size exceeds file system limits: Adjust the --window-memory option to reduce the memory usage during packing.


Use with git-gc: git-repack can be used together with git-gc to optimize repository performance. git-gc performs a complete garbage collection, removing all unreachable objects and optimizing the repository structure.

Use with pre-commit hooks: git-repack can be integrated with pre-commit hooks to automatically repack the repository before committing changes. This can help ensure that the repository remains optimized.

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