git-remote-fd - Linux


The git-remote-fd command is a Git utility used to create or update a remote repository using a file descriptor instead of a URL. It is particularly useful when working with local file systems or when the remote repository is not accessible via a network.


git remote add [-f|--force] [-t|--tag] [-m|--mirror] <name> <fd>


  • -f, --force: Overwrite an existing remote with the same name.
  • -t, --tag: Automatically fetch and track all tags from the remote repository.
  • -m, --mirror: Create a mirror repository that tracks all changes from the remote repository.


Create a remote repository using a local file

git remote add local /path/to/local/repo

Update a remote repository using a file descriptor

git remote set-url origin <(echo fd://3)

Common Issues

Permission denied error
This can occur if the file descriptor does not have sufficient permissions. Ensure that the file descriptor has read and write permissions for the current user.


The git-remote-fd command can be combined with other Git commands to perform advanced tasks, such as:

Clone a remote repository

git clone fd://3 <directory>

Push changes to a remote repository

git push origin HEAD

Related Commands

  • git-clone: Clone a remote repository into a local directory.
  • git-remote: Manage remote repositories.