git-remote-ext - Linux


git-remote-ext extends the functionality of standard Git commands for managing remotes. It provides enhanced features for interacting with multiple remotes, tracking branches, retrieving SSH URLs, and customizing remote configurations.


git remote-ext [options] [command] [args]


  • -u, –update: Update remote branches and fetch from all configured remotes.
  • -a, –all: Perform the command on all configured remotes.
  • -n, –dry-run: Display the changes that would be made without actually modifying remotes.
  • –force: Override existing configurations and perform the action.
  • –verbose: Display detailed output, including errors and warnings.
  • -h, –help: Display usage information.


  • add: Add a new remote with the specified name and URL.
  • rename: Rename an existing remote to the specified name.
  • remove: Remove a remote with the specified name.
  • prune: Prune stale remote branches locally.
  • set-url: Set the URL for a remote.
  • set-fetch: Set the fetch pattern for a remote.
  • set-push: Set the push pattern for a remote.
  • get-url: Get the URL for a remote.
  • get-fetch: Get the fetch pattern for a remote.
  • get-push: Get the push pattern for a remote.


Add a Remote

git remote-ext add origin

Rename a Remote

git remote-ext rename old-remote new-remote

Remove a Remote

git remote-ext remove old-remote

Update Branches and Fetch from All Remotes

git remote-ext -u -a

Get the URL for a Remote

git remote-ext get-url origin

Common Issues

  • Duplicate remote names: Avoid using duplicate remote names, as they can conflict with remote operations.
  • Invalid remote URLs: Make sure remote URLs are valid and accessible for fetching and pushing.
  • No remotes configured: Ensure at least one remote is configured in the repository before using git-remote-ext.


git-remote-ext can be integrated with other Git commands for advanced workflows:

  • git fetch and git pull: Use -u -a with git fetch or git pull to update all remotes simultaneously.
  • git push: Use -a with git push to push to all remotes with specified push patterns.
  • git branch: Use –remote option with git branch to list remote branches and track their status.

Related Commands

  • git remote: Standard Git command for managing remotes.
  • git fetch: Fetches changes from a remote repository.
  • git push: Pushes local changes to a remote repository.