git-range-diff - Linux


git-range-diff is a versatile command that helps you compare changes between any two revisions, branches, or tags in a Git repository. It offers a detailed summary of the differences, including changed files, modifications to those files, and a compact diff view. This command is particularly useful for analyzing code contributions, reviewing code changes, and tracking the evolution of your project.


git range-diff [<options>] <range> [<range>]

Required Arguments:

  • <range>: Specifies the first revision or branch to compare.
  • <range>: Specifies the second revision or branch to compare.


  • -b, --binary: Compares the contents of binary files as hex dumps.
  • -n, --numstat: Displays a summary of the changes in a numstat format.
  • -s, --shortstat: Displays a short summary of the changes.
  • -v, --verbose: Outputs a detailed diff view of the changes.
  • --color[=<when>]: Colorizes the output. Possible values for <when> are: always, never, or auto.
  • -C<n>, --context=<n>: Sets the context lines to display around the changes.
  • -M<modename>, --rename-mode=<modename>: Specifies the rename mode. Possible values for <modename> are: copies, links, and full.


Compare changes between two commits:

git range-diff HEAD~3 HEAD

Compare changes between a branch and a tag:

git range-diff master v1.0

Display a numstat summary of changes:

git range-diff -n HEAD~3 HEAD

Colorize the output and display a detailed diff:

git range-diff -v --color=always HEAD~3 HEAD

Common Issues

  • Empty Diff: If the specified revisions have no changes, the command will output an empty diff.


git-range-diff can be combined with other Git commands to create powerful workflows. For example:

  • Compare Changes from a Merge Request:
git fetch origin refs/merge-requests/123/merge
git range-diff origin/master FETCH_HEAD
  • Generate a Diff for a Pull Request:
git stash
git checkout <remote-branch>
git range-diff local-branch...remote-branch

Related Commands

  • git diff: Compares changes between two revisions.
  • git log: Shows the history of commits in a repository.
  • git status: Displays the current state of the working directory and staging area.