git-name-rev - Linux


git-name-rev is a powerful command in the Git version control system used to convert a commit hash or a commit object into a more human-readable form. It is particularly useful for identifying commits based on the names of branches, tags, or other references.


git name-rev [--all | --refs | --tags] [--date] [--] <commit>...


  • –all: Show all names associated with the given commits.
  • –refs: Show only names associated with refs (branches, tags).
  • –tags: Show only names associated with tags.
  • –date: Format the time component of the name using the Git date format.


  • Display the branch name for the current commit:
git name-rev --name-only HEAD
  • Show all tags associated with the "v1.0" commit:
git name-rev --tags v1.0
  • Convert a hexadecimal commit hash to a branch name:
git name-rev bd6802fa30a6b0c265e321cf060d8189521bef40
  • Display the date of the "release" tag:
git name-rev --date release

Common Issues

  • Not finding any names: Ensure that the given commit is valid and reachable from the current branch.
  • Getting ambiguous names: If multiple names are associated with a commit, use the --all flag to see them all.


git-name-rev can be combined with other Git commands, such as:

  • git log: Identify commits based on their human-readable names.
  • git diff: Show diffs between commits using their names.
  • git branch: Identify branches based on the commits they point to.

Related Commands

  • git for-each-ref: Print information about all refs, including commits.
  • git show-ref: Display information about a single ref, including its commit hash.