git-interpret-trailers - Linux


git-interpret-trailers is a Git utility that interprets trailers from commit messages and stores them as extended header fields in the commit object. It enables the extraction of metadata and other information from trailers, which are typically appended at the end of commit messages and follow a specific syntax.


git interpret-trailers [options] [--glob=<glob>] [--] (<commit-ish> | <ref>)


  • –debug – Enables debugging output.
  • –glob= – Specifies a glob pattern for filtering commits to be interpreted.
  • –no-verify – Skips the verification of trailer syntax.
  • –help – Displays the help message.


Extract Trailer Metadata:

git interpret-trailers HEAD | grep My-Trailer

Filter Commits by Trailer:

git interpret-trailers --glob="My-Trailer=value" HEAD

Integrate with Other Tools:

git log --format="%H" | git interpret-trailers --glob="My-Trailer=value"

Common Issues

  • Invalid Trailer Syntax: Ensure trailers follow the correct syntax, using a valid key and value separated by a colon.
  • Missing Trailer: If a trailer is not found in the commit message, consider using the --no-verify option to bypass the verification process.


Extended Git History: Trailers can be used to store additional metadata or notes in commit messages, enhancing the information available in Git history.

Automated Workflow Triggers: By extracting trailers, you can trigger automated workflow actions based on specific metadata or conditions specified in the trailers.

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