git-help - Linux


git-help provides comprehensive assistance on Git commands, options, and concepts. It offers immediate access to documentation, making it an essential reference tool for Git users of all levels.


git help [command] [option] [arg]


  • -a, –all: Show all commands and options, including hidden ones.
  • -g, –global: Show global options and variables.
  • -i, –info: Display information about a specific command or option.
  • -p, –pager: Specify a pager program to read the output.


  • Display help on the add command:
git help add
  • Get more detailed info on the push command:
git help -i push
  • Search for help on topics containing "merge":
git help merge
  • View help on advanced topic "submodules":
git help submodules

Common Issues

  • Incorrect command: Ensure you’re using the correct command name.
  • Missing arguments: Provide necessary arguments to avoid errors.
  • Outdated Git version: Update your Git installation for access to latest help content.


Combine git-help with other commands for enhanced functionality:

  • man git-help: Display the complete manual page in a terminal window.
  • apropos git-help: Search for related commands and topics.

Related Commands

  • git: The core Git command for version control.
  • git reflog: Track history of Git commands.
  • git diff: Show changes between commits or working tree and index.