git-fsmonitor–daemon - Linux


git-fsmonitor–daemon is a background process that monitors the local file system for changes and updates the corresponding Git repository, making it possible to record changes made outside of Git. Notably, it is most useful in environments where continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are employed to automate software development and deployment.


git-fsmonitor--daemon start [--detach] [--owner <owner>] [--group <group>]
git-fsmonitor--daemon stop [--signal=<signal>]


  • –detach: Start the daemon in the background and detach it from the current terminal session.
  • –owner: Run the daemon as the specified user.
  • –group: Run the daemon as the specified group.
  • –signal: Specify the signal to send to the daemon to stop it. The default signal is TERM.


  1. Start the daemon in the background:
git-fsmonitor--daemon start --detach
  1. Start the daemon with specific user and group settings:
git-fsmonitor--daemon start --owner deploy --group users
  1. Stop the daemon using a custom signal:
git-fsmonitor--daemon stop --signal=INT

Common Issues

  • Error: Could not start the daemon process: Ensure that the user running the command has sufficient permissions to write to the Git repository.
  • Error: The daemon is already running: The daemon can only be started once. If you need to restart it, first stop the existing instance.
  • The daemon is not monitoring changes: Check the file system permissions and ensure that the daemon has access to the directories being monitored.


git-fsmonitor–daemon can be integrated with other Git tools, such as:

  • git-lfs: To handle large files that are stored in a separate Git repository.
  • git-annex: To manage external files and directories that are not tracked by Git.

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