git-fetch-pack - Linux


The git-fetch-pack command is a network protocol helper that encapsulates and transmits pack data between Git repositories. It is used during the fetch operation to retrieve objects from a remote repository.


git fetch-pack [<options>] <dest> <source>


  • –stdin: Read objects to send from stdin instead of reading from the object store.
  • –output=: Write objects to the specified file instead of sending them over the network.
  • –keep-alive: Enable keep-alive on the socket connection.
  • –negotiation-tip=: Set the tip object to be used during negotiation.
  • –check-self-contained-and-connected: Perform additional checks to verify the objects are self-contained and connected.
  • –include-tag=: Include the specified tag in the fetch.
  • –upload-pack=: Use the specified executable as the upload-pack helper.
  • Examples

    Retrieve Objects from a Remote Repository

    git fetch-pack origin master

    Send Objects to a Remote Repository

    git fetch-pack --stdin remote refs/heads/master

    Exclude Specific Objects

    git fetch-pack --exclude-tag=v1.0 origin master

    Common Issues

    No Suitable Objects Found

    If git-fetch-pack encounters a "no suitable objects found" error, it indicates that the local repository does not have any objects that match the criteria for the fetch. Verify the source and destination repositories and ensure that they contain the desired objects.

    Network Errors

    Network or firewall issues can prevent successful transmission of objects. Check the network connection, firewall settings, and any proxy configuration that may be in place.


    Custom Upload-Pack Helper

    To specify a custom upload-pack helper, use the --upload-pack option. This is useful for modifying the behavior of the upload process, such as supporting custom authentication or compression methods.

    Advanced Scripting

    git-fetch-pack can be integrated into scripts to automate fetch operations. For example, the following script fetches all tags from a remote repository:

    # Fetch all tags from the remote repository
    git fetch-pack origin --include-tag=refs/tags/*
    # Get the list of tags and print them to the console
    git tag -l | grep refs/tags | sed 's/^refs\/tags\///g'

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