git-credential-cache–daemon - Linux


The git-credential-cache--daemon is a background process that caches Git credentials to avoid frequent prompts for authentication. It is useful in environments where Git operations are performed automatically, such as continuous integration systems or cron jobs.


git credential-cache--daemon [options] [daemon-args]


  • --run-as-user <user>: Run daemon as a specific user.
  • --socket-path <path>: Specify the path to the socket file used for communication with the daemon.
  • --idle-time <seconds>: Maximum idle time for the daemon.
  • --log-file <path>: Log file for the daemon’s activity.


Start the daemon as a specific user:

git credential-cache--daemon --run-as-user deploy-user

Specify a custom socket path:

git credential-cache--daemon --socket-path /tmp/git-credential-daemon.sock

Common Issues

  • Connection refused errors: Ensure that the socket file exists and is accessible by the daemon and client.
  • Authentication failures: Check that the cached credentials are valid and match the expected format.
  • Daemon not running: Start the daemon before attempting to use it.


The daemon can be integrated with scripts or other tools that perform Git operations. For example, a cron job can use the daemon to automatically fetch updates from a remote repository.

Related Commands

  • git-credential-cache: Manages Git credentials and integrates with the daemon.
  • git-credential-helper: Custom credential helpers that can be used with the daemon.