git-commit-graph - Linux


git-commit-graph is a visual representation utility for Git repositories. It generates an ASCII graph of commit history, making it easy to visualize project evolution, spot patterns, and identify points of divergence.


git commit-graph [options] [<begin> <end>]


  • –stat-width: Set the width of the statistics columns.
  • –font or -f: Specify a MapFont file.
  • –numstat-width: Set the width of the numbers column.
  • –display-refs: Display references in the commit graph.
  • –all: Show all commits, not just those reachable from the current HEAD.
  • –graph: Generate an ASCII graph of the commit history.
  • –topo-order: Order the commits topologically.
  • –pretty: Set the output format for commits.
  • –commit-summary: Show summary of each commit.
  • –commit-info: Show more details for each commit.
  • –dense: Use a dense commit history representation.


Generate a basic commit graph:

git commit-graph

View all commits with detailed information:

git commit-graph --all --commit-info

Compare two commits:

git commit-graph commit1^..commit1

Show a specific range of commits:

git commit-graph v1.0..v2.0

Common Issues

  • Error: "unknown refspec": Make sure the specified commit range exists in the repository.
  • Graph is too large: Use --max-count to limit the number of commits displayed.
  • Commits are not in topological order: Use --topo-order option to sort commits topologically.


git-commit-graph can be integrated with other Git commands to facilitate various tasks:

  • git log --graph: Generate a textual commit graph.
  • git diff --graph: Visualize code changes between two commits.
  • git filter-branch --graph: Filter and modify the commit history.

Related Commands

  • git log: Show a log of commits.
  • git show: Display commit details.
  • git diff: Compare changes between commits.