getutxline - Linux


getutxline is a command-line utility used to extract user information from the Unix Time Sharing System (UTS) database. It provides details about the user, including login names, real names, and home directories. This information is crucial for system administration, authentication, and other user-related tasks.


getutxline [options] [username]


| Option | Description | Default Value |
| -a | Print all users and their information | N/A |
| -f | Specify a fields list to print | N/A |
| -l | Print only the login name | N/A |
| -r | Print only the real name | N/A |
| -d | Print only the home directory | N/A |


Print all user information:

getutxline -a

Print only the login name for the user "john":

getutxline -l john

Print both the login and real name for "mary":

getutxline -lr mary

Print all fields for the current user:


Common Issues

  • Missing username: If no username is specified, the command will return information for the current user.
  • Invalid username: If the specified username does not exist, the command will return an error.


getutxline can be integrated with other commands using pipes or input/output redirection. For instance, you could use it to display the home directory of all users with a UID greater than 500:

getutxline -a | awk '$4 > 500 {print $7}'

Related Commands

  • getent: Get entries from a database
  • finger: Display user information
  • who: Show who is logged in