getsubids - Linux


getsubids is a powerful command-line tool designed to efficiently retrieve the subscription identifiers (subids) associated with a specific Confluent Cloud account. It enables users to seamlessly manage and monitor their Confluent Cloud subscriptions from the command line.


getsubids [OPTIONS]


  • –account-id <ACCOUNT_ID>: The Confluent Cloud account ID for which you want to retrieve subids. This is a required argument.
  • –output-format <FORMAT>: The format in which you want the subids to be displayed. Valid options are "plain" (default), "json", and "yaml".
  • –quiet <FLAG>: Suppress all non-error output.
  • –help (-h): Display this help message and exit.
  • –version (-v): Display the version of getsubids and exit.


Simple Usage:

getsubids --account-id my-account-id

Custom Output Format:

getsubids --account-id my-account-id --output-format json

Common Issues

  • Invalid account ID: Ensure that the provided --account-id is valid and matches the Confluent Cloud account you want to retrieve subids for.
  • No subids found: If no subids are found for the specified --account-id, the command may output a message indicating that the account does not have any associated subids.


getsubids can be integrated with other tools and scripts to automate tasks related to Confluent Cloud subscription management. For example, you can use getsubids to generate a list of subids and then use that list in other commands or scripts.

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