getpidprevcon - Linux


getpidprevcon is a Linux command that retrieves the previous context of a process. This context includes information such as the process’s security attributes, capabilities, and file descriptors.


getpidprevcon [PID]
  • PID (Optional): The PID of the process whose previous context is to be retrieved. If no PID is specified, the current process’s PID is used.


getpidprevcon has no options or flags.


Example 1: Retrieve the previous context of the current process:


Example 2: Retrieve the previous context of a specific process:

getpidprevcon 1234

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: The user running the command does not have sufficient privileges to retrieve the context of the specified process.


getpidprevcon can be integrated with other commands to perform advanced tasks, such as:

# Retrieve the previous context of a process and display it in a readable format
getpidprevcon | jq

Related Commands

  • getcon: Retrieve the current context of a process
  • setcon: Set the context of a process
  • lscon: List the contexts of all processes on the system