getparentpaths_by_handle - Linux


getparentpaths_by_handle retrieves the full path of a mounted file system. The paths are in the form of a list of path segments starting from the root of the system and ending with the mount point of the target file system.


getparentpaths_by_handle [-d] FILE_HANDLE...


  • -d: Print the device path instead of the full path to the device.


Simple Use

Retrieve the full path to the file system mounted at /mnt/my_drive:

getparentpaths_by_handle /dev/my_device

With Multiple Handles

Retrieve the full paths of two file systems:

getparentpaths_by_handle /dev/my_device1 /dev/my_device2

Print Device Path

Retrieve the device path instead of the full path:

getparentpaths_by_handle -d /dev/my_device

Common Issues

Error: Invalid Handle

Ensure that the provided file handle is valid and references a mounted file system.

Error: File System Not Mounted

Verify that the target file system is mounted and accessible.


getparentpaths_by_handle can be combined with other commands for advanced tasks:

  • Check if a file system is mounted: getparentpaths_by_handle /dev/my_device|wc

  • Compare mount points: getparentpaths_by_handle /dev/my_device |grep -x /mnt/my_target_dir

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