getipnodebyaddr - Linux


getipnodebyaddr is a command-line utility that retrieves information about a specific node or interface on a network based on the provided IP address. It offers detailed information regarding the node’s network configuration and connectivity. This utility is commonly used for network diagnostics, troubleshooting, and information gathering.


getipnodebyaddr [OPTIONS] <IP Address>


  • -h, –help: Display the command usage information.
  • -i, –interface: Show interface name along with the output.
  • -d, –details: Display extended details including hardware address and link state.
  • -a, –all: Retrieve information for all interfaces on the system, ignoring the specified IP address.


Retrieve basic information for a specific IP address:


Get detailed information including hardware and link status:

getipnodebyaddr -d

Retrieve information for all interfaces on the system:

getipnodebyaddr -a

Common Issues

  • No output: Ensure that the specified IP address is valid and accessible on the network.
  • Incorrect information: Verify that the Linux kernel and network configuration files are up-to-date.
  • Permission denied: Ensure that you have sufficient privileges to run the command.


getipnodebyaddr can be combined with other commands to perform advanced network tasks:

  • Ping: Use getipnodebyaddr to retrieve the IP address of a remote host, and then ping it:
ping `getipnodebyaddr`
  • Traceroute: Trace the route to a remote host using the IP address obtained from getipnodebyaddr:
traceroute `getipnodebyaddr`

Related Commands

  • ifconfig: View network interface details.
  • ip: Perform advanced network configuration.
  • netstat: Display network statistics and connections.