gethostid - Linux


gethostid is a Linux command that retrieves the unique identifier for the host machine. It can be used to determine the local system’s identity within a network or cluster. This information is crucial for various applications, such as distributed computing, system administration, and network management.




gethostid accepts no options or flags.


Retrieve the host ID:

$ gethostid

Obtain the host ID and store it in a variable:

$ host_id=$(gethostid)

Integrate gethostid into a script:



echo "Host ID: $host_id"

Common Issues

  • Incorrect syntax: Ensure you run the command without any arguments.
  • Output not as expected: The host ID may differ from what you expect. Verify the network configuration and ensure the host has a valid IP address.


gethostid can be combined with other commands to perform advanced tasks:

  • hostname -I: Obtain the IP address associated with the host ID.
  • ssh user@hostname: Remotely connect to a host using its host ID.
  • ping hostname: Test network connectivity using the host ID.

Related Commands

  • hostname: Retrieves the hostname of the local system.
  • ifconfig: Displays network interface information, including the IP address and host ID.