getgroups32 - Linux


getgroups32 is a command-line tool that retrieves supplementary group IDs associated with the current process or a specified user. It outputs a list of group IDs separated by spaces.


getgroups32 [-h] [-p <process>] [-u <user>]


  • -h: Display help and usage information.
  • -p <process>: Get groups for the specified process ID.
  • -u <user>: Get groups for the specified username.


  • Get supplementary group IDs for the current process:
  • Get groups for a specific process with PID 1234:
getgroups32 -p 1234
  • Retrieve groups associated with the user "jdoe":
getgroups32 -u jdoe

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the user has sufficient permissions to retrieve group information.
  • Verify that the specified process ID is valid and belongs to the current user (if using -p option).


getgroups32 can be combined with other commands, such as:

  • ps -p: Get the process ID for a specific process.
  • groups: Get the primary and supplementary groups for a user.
  • grep: Filter the output to find specific groups.

For example, to list the supplementary groups for all processes with the name "firefox":

ps -p -o pid,comm | grep firefox | awk '{print $1}' | xargs getgroups32

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