getfsent - Linux


getfsent is a command-line utility used to read and parse the system’s file system information as defined in /etc/fstab. It provides a structured and programmatic way to access and retrieve information about mounted file systems.


getfsent [-o FIELD] [-a ENVIRONMENT]


  • -o FIELD: Specifies a specific field from the /etc/fstab line to be printed. Default: prints all fields.
  • -a ENVIRONMENT: Sets the printing environment. Valid values are: charset (print field names and values in specified charset), noheadings (suppress printing field names).


Print all file system entries:


Print only the mount point field:

getfsent -o mntpoint

Print with UTF-8 charset:

getfsent -a charset=utf8

Common Issues

  • Empty /etc/fstab: Ensure that the /etc/fstab file is not empty and contains valid file system entries.
  • Missing fields: The specified field may not be present or configured in /etc/fstab. Check the file contents and ensure the required field is present.


getfsent can be integrated with other commands, such as:

  • grep: Filter file system entries based on specific criteria.
  • sed: Manipulate and modify file system entries.
  • awk: Perform complex data extraction and analysis on file system entries.

Related Commands

  • mount: Mount file systems.
  • umount: Unmount file systems.
  • fstab: Edit the system’s file system table.