getexeccon_raw - Linux


getexeccon_raw retrieves the extended execution context information from a task. This information can be used to determine the task’s environment, system properties, and other runtime details.


getexeccon_raw PID


  • –no-inherit – Do not inherit the file descriptors from the target process.
  • –no-env – Do not copy the target process’s environment.
  • –no-translate – Do not translate the executable path.


Get the extended execution context of a process:

getexeccon_raw 1234

Get the environment variables of a process:

getexeccon_raw --no-inherit 1234 | grep "LD_LIBRARY_PATH"

Get the system properties of a process:

getexeccon_raw --no-env 1234 | grep "java.version"

Common Issues

  • Failed to obtain execution context: The target process may have terminated or the process may not exist.
  • Permission denied: The user may not have sufficient privileges to access the execution context of the target process.


getexeccon_raw can be used with other commands to troubleshoot issues or analyze performance. For example, it can be combined with truss(1) to trace system calls or with perf(1) to profile the target process.

Related Commands

  • getcontext(3) – Retrieve the current execution context.
  • getexeccon(3) – Retrieve the extended execution context.
  • strace(1) – Trace system calls and signals.
  • perf(1) – Profile system performance.