getegid32 - Linux


getegid32 is a Linux command used to retrieve the effective group ID of the current process in the 32-bit format. The effective group ID determines which group permissions are applied to the process.




getegid32 does not have any available options or flags.


Example 1: Retrieve the effective group ID

$ getegid32

In this example, the effective group ID is 1001.

Common Issues

Error: "command not found"

  • Ensure that the getegid32 command is available on your system. It is typically provided by the glibc library.

Incorrect group ID

  • Check if the process is running with the desired group permissions.
  • Verify that the group ID is valid and exists on the system.


getegid32 can be combined with other commands to gain further insights:

  • ps: Use ps -p <PID> -o gid= to show the effective group ID of a specific process.
  • id: Use id -Gn to display all groups the current user is a member of, including the effective group.

Related Commands

  • getgid: Retrieves the effective group ID in the default format.
  • getpgid: Retrieves the process group ID.
  • getppid: Retrieves the parent process ID.