getbegyx - Linux


getbegyx retrieves the beginning of a text file or standard input.


getbegyx [options] [file]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -b|--bytes | Number of bytes to get | 10 |
| -h|--help | Display this help message | N/A |
| -v|--version | Display version information | N/A |


  • Get the first 10 bytes from a file:
getbegyx file.txt
  • Get the first 100 bytes from standard input:
echo "Hello, world!" | getbegyx -b 100

Common Issues

  • Empty Output: If no file or standard input is provided, getbegyx will output nothing.


getbegyx can be combined with other commands to create powerful workflows. For instance, it can be used with head to preview the beginning of a file:

getbegyx -b 50 file.txt | head

Related Commands

  • head: Outputs the first few lines of a file
  • tail: Outputs the last few lines of a file