getaliasbyname - Linux


getaliasbyname retrieves the alias associated with a given network address. This command is a crucial tool for network administration, helping to map IP addresses or hostnames to their corresponding aliases. By using getaliasbyname, users can quickly and easily identify the alias of any host, making it well-suited for troubleshooting network issues or building customized scripts.


getaliasbyname [ADDRESS] [OPTIONS]


  • -a, –address-family=ADDRESS_FAMILY: Specify the address family to query. Available options include inet for IPv4 and inet6 for IPv6. (Default: inet)
  • -h, –help: Display usage information and exit.


  • Retrieve the alias for the IP address
  • Find the alias for the hostname using IPv6:
getaliasbyname -a inet6

Common Issues

  • No alias found: If no alias is associated with the specified address, getaliasbyname will return a blank string.
  • Invalid address: If the provided address is not a valid IP address or hostname, an error will be thrown.


  • Network troubleshooting: Combine getaliasbyname with tools like dig or nslookup to trace network connectivity issues and identify aliases used for DNS resolution.
  • Custom scripting: Integrate getaliasbyname into scripts to automate network configuration tasks, such as setting up DNS aliases for specific hosts or updating firewall rules based on alias information.

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