get_myaddress - Linux

## Overview

get_myaddress is a CLI utility designed to provide users with their public IP address and other relevant networking information. It is particularly useful for network troubleshooting, configuration, and remote access.

## Syntax

get_myaddress [options]

## Options/Flags

  • -h, –help: Display help message
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose mode, providing additional networking details
  • -i, –interface: Specify the network interface to use (e.g., -i eth0)
  • -j, –json: Output results in JSON format
  • -l, –local: Include local IP addresses

## Examples

Get public IP address:


Get detailed networking information in verbose mode:

get_myaddress -v

Get local and public IP addresses:

get_myaddress -l

Retrieve JSON output for scripting:

get_myaddress -j

Get IP address using a specific network interface:

get_myaddress -i wlan0

## Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure you have sufficient permissions to run the command with appropriate network privileges.
  • Interface not found: Check if the specified network interface exists and is properly configured.
  • No internet connection: Verify that you have an active internet connection before attempting to retrieve IP addresses.

## Integration

get_myaddress can be integrated with other commands for advanced tasks. For instance:

  • Set a dynamic DNS entry: Combine with ddclient to update a DNS record with the current IP address.
  • Configure port forwarding: Use the IP address obtained to forward ports on your router for remote access.

## Related Commands

  • ifconfig
  • ip
  • dig
  • whois