get_default_context_with_rolelevel - Linux


get_default_context_with_rolelevel is a Linux utility used to retrieve the default security context for a specific user, role, and type. It is commonly used in SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) environments to manage access control and enforce security policies.


get_default_context_with_rolelevel <user> <role> <type>




Get the default security context for the user alice with role object_r and type file_t:

get_default_context_with_rolelevel alice object_r file_t



Common Issues

  • Incorrect user, role, or type: Ensure that the provided user, role, and type exist and are correct for the target system.
  • SELinux not enabled: SELinux must be enabled and running for the command to function correctly.


get_default_context_with_rolelevel can be combined with other commands for advanced tasks, such as:

  • Set the default security context: Use chcon -t with the output of get_default_context_with_rolelevel to set the default context for a specific file or directory.
  • Generate SELinux configuration: Use the output to generate or modify SELinux policy rules for targeted access control.

Related Commands

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  • semanage role: Manage SELinux roles.
  • semanage type: Manage SELinux types.