get_default_context_with_role - Linux


get_default_context_with_role retrieves information about the default SELinux context for a given role. It is useful for troubleshooting access control issues as it provides insights into the security labels associated with roles.


get_default_context_with_role [-h] [-v] role


  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information.
  • -v, –version: Print version information.
  • role: The role to retrieve the default context for.


Get default context for the "apache" role:

get_default_context_with_role apache

Get detailed information including version:

get_default_context_with_role -v apache

Common Issues

Error: "No default context for role found.":

Ensure that the specified role exists. You can list all available roles using the sepolgen-policy-parse command.


Combine with semanage:

semanage user -a -r apache -s user_r
get_default_context_with_role apache

This command assigns the user_r role to the "apache" user and then retrieves the corresponding default SELinux context.

Related Commands

  • semanage: Manage SELinux policies and configurations.
  • sepolgen-policy-parse: Parse and validate SELinux policy modules.